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I’m Valerie Rich (you can call me Val!), a creative artist and author that knows that any material can be used to make great art. I love to share what I knows, as well as beautiful inspiration I’ve found around me. I started my art journey two years ago. Since then, I have learned many new techniques (and look forward to learning more), completed all kinds of artwork, had a fun art show that showcased all my work, and have even been featured in a few art galleries!

Some of my favorite types of art include mixed media, acrylic painting, decoupage, abstract art and even hand bound books.  I’ve also written a book of Poetry called Window Pain. Join me on a beautiful adventure and try your hand at creating your own art. I love being a part of the art community and I’m so glad you found me!  Let’s create!

Have any questions or art you’d like to share? Email me at Vrich@artxscape.com!

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