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zig-zag -book

Here is a small fun  journal book you can use to jot down random things. It is inspired by a tutorial by Jennibelli

Here is a look at my take on it.

Jpegso cute!! here’s a peek inside.Jpeg


God Whisper’s

Hey!! Last week we talked about Art around town. Here is a picture I did not post because I thought others wouldn’t see what I see.IMG_3799

Today I pick up The Sunday Sun and I’m amazed!!IMG_3835

God Whisper’s I see it to and I’m glad your listening. ( Free your mind and the rest will follow)


Art Around Town

Today i took a stroll around town staring at School 33 Art StudiosIMG_3760we saw some awesome art pieces and a lot to boggle the mind. IMG_3765The we traveled to Studio 405 on Oliver Street. This was intriguing as I use to work in the building next door. It was like being in a different city in time.IMG_3796IMG_3795


Thanks to everyone who signed up and checked out our new space.  Creative minds are at work here! Keina has been enjoying her Studio timeIMG_3636


she is currently working on a painted poem!!!! and Loving it! Make you appointment to create today…

A different kind of Artist

Happy Second Anniversary to Adelicia Movez of Movez Dance and Fittness. Two years ago we were all torn when we heard this was our last class. Thanks for not giving up on your dream to INSPIRE people to DANCE, DREAM, and free themselves through dance.IMG_3631


You deserve the best because you give 100% to make others whole even when they knock you down you still keep going, continue to Dance from within, listen to your heart. Don’t allow other’s to write your story with their words. Live it from your soul. Live Life on Purpose, inspire people to dance and Live Within Rhythm!! Thanks for all the great things you do and the energetic instructors that make us MOVE. If you think you just teach you don’t you teach us how to be strong, to keep winning, to dance outside box. to Dream Big, to Believe in yourself.

IMG_3633From here to HereIMG_3635



Looking for a creative Xscape? Make an appointment to come create with me at my home studio.

k art

Bring your creative passion and lets make ART happen. We will aslo be hosting social artworking design paint party’s cost $20 per person.



Baltimore Book Festival

IMG_3616Baltimore Book Festival Sept 26-28 Baltimore Inner Harbor. Come check out Dear Sister By A . Friend and Vicki Lichter, Poet. My cousin has a booth at the festival, and is also featuring some other authors. And guess who is one of the featured authors? Me! My book is called Window Pain. It is a collection of reflections about a woman’s journey to inner beauty. If you’re interested, it’s available on Amazon here.