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Gelli Plate Magic!

Geli Plate Ingredients
Geli Plate Ingredients

A gelli plate is a cool tool to make beautiful art prints. The best thing about it is you can make one yourself!

Geli Plate
Geli Plate

On Pinterest I found a pin to someone’s blog that shows you how to make it. It was easy to do and just takes a few ingredients. You can find it here gesso-dragon. for the full post that will show you how to do your own.

Geli Plate Art
Geli Plate Art

Here’s a picture of some of the art I made with my gelli plate. I also did a live Facebook video showing how I used the plate to make this print. I think I’ll be using Facebook live more often, so make sure to follow me there for more cool demos!

Ms Cutie

This is another book made by Valerie Rich from manila folders and decoart paints. The process of watching beautiful things emerge from recycled things awesome.IMG_3440


First you add a little color, then add a picture or decorate it.  IMG_3442

Then choose paper plain or color to complete you book!!  IMG_3481






A sister circle is designed to connect college freshmen with positive role models. This journal and Sister Circle was created by Valerie RichIMG_3430


The book contains Mentor cards with email, phone #,and what the offer ( meal, encouragement, girl talk etc.IMG_3437

There is also pages for journaling, drawing, notes. we also will add other things as we go along. For now we’re just sharing our Love of the Circle.IMG_3431

In Search of Mother’s Garden

This seed packet, written in my Mother’s handwriting, was found in her things after her passing.


I planted them, and to my delight, they bloomed in her birthday month! A beautiful ruby red flower- which is also the color of her birthstone.


I pressed the flowers in to a book to make a keepsake. Later, I heard a whisper “Add them to your painting…”



So I got to work adding the beauty to my painting. I didn’t just paint the flower on there, I literally put the real flower in the painting! (I used a technique called decopage- I’ll tell you more about that another time.) I’d already started on it, but it wasn’t finished yet. Now it’s finished. Now it is complete. Amazing Wonders do exist!





Featured Artist





Today I was the featured Artist at Grand Opening of My Friend’s House with Marcia Friend.  My Friend’s house is a place where you can relive your lost childhood. You can draw, play, read, you can be free.








Rich Artisans Event

Rich Artisans Art Showing was amazing. a group of collective minds enjoying the beauty of art. I was very pleased with the guest interpretation of the paintings. I loved that they loved it. everything from the handmade jewelry to the custom tee shirts and music was enjoyable.

DSC_0143 (3)

Ladies Night Out

I had a great time at my church’s ladies’ night last week. We had speakers, dinner, and lots of cool vendors too! I had the opportunity to show some of my work, and also do some live painting. I did my first layer of my painting, then finished up the rest after I joined in on a nice meal. The ladies were shocked to come out and see a finished painting! Hopefully, it made them realize that with the right tips and tools, they can create great art too.



Rich Artisians

This is turning out to be a great summer. Last weekend, a few of my pieces were featured at the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery. And in less than two weeks, I’ll be doing a full showcase of all my work! That’s right, from paintings, to custom journals, and much more- a wide variety of art will be on display.

Not only do I get to share my own, but I’m also having some very special people share their work too. Features include guest artist Keith Rich, handmade jewelry by Kendall Rich, and music beats by Squad Radio Productions. All items are on sale, and there will be complimentary desserts and drinks.

The event takes place on Saturday, August 2, from 3pm to 5pm. The address is 1116 Middle River Rd, Baltimore, MD 21220. I’m so excited about sharing this art with the community. Hope to see you there!