A new season begins

The season started with new Moon painting done at Soulful Emergence Art Gallery for paint night, this is the featured image. I am so in LOVE with this painting.

Keina Staley Hosted a Beautiful Winter Solstice gathering at my home studio. we had time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go for the up coming year.


We chose our word for the year, had a guide meditation by Tara, we talked and laughed, as we began to form a Unity circle.

we started a community candle which we all poured into from our own individual candles.  Our foundation- what is sisterhood? Sisterhood consist of a circle that is continuous, but can be added to too make stronger. It is supporting each other collectively.

So collectively we poured into each other by building a collective painting.


Each person chose a canvas and three colors Jpeg

We paint our canvas and then passed to someone else





After we all poured into each other we added our word for the year and  this is what we created!!!!